Cannabinoids meet Rhode Island Fuckwits

(not a good example of video photography but the doctor knows his subject)

What links our physiology and Cannabinoids is simply what nature set in store for us. Our acceptance of the denial of such a positive, life enhancing partnership is proving a nightmare of Orwellian proportions.

This is a fuckwit exercise in bullshit. Do it or don’t do it but have the balls to stand up and declare it. The political play going on seeks to keep users onside while maintaining the Federal program; three strikes still gets you jail time, as it states;

21-28-4.14. Third or subsequent offenses – Any person convicted of a third or subsequent offense under this chapter . . . 

This proposed law ‘change’ is just another mountain-sized dollop of bullshit.

Dr Geci-Black


America is Fucked

This piece of shit is dangerous in his bailiwick and a certified hazard to decent working class Americans

From my perspective, his action sums up entirely the depraved depths to which American jurisprudence has sunk. I perceive in this that America is fucked.

Time alone will determine how much more of this lunacy the American sheep-like populace will tolerate.

Moriarty has provided a perfect example of sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

I’m wondering if America will sit up and take notice.

TeenPost with video

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Smoking Cigarettes

This is normal.

I used to smoke.

I stopped four years ago.

The turning point for me was pain.

I have no idea how two Limerick doctors and an arrogant wanker top surgeon could have failed to diagnose the cause of that pain. A retired hospital orderly, in a pub, asked if I would like to be free of the pain. Part of his job in the Limerick city regional hospital included delivering removed appendages from operating theatre to morgue.

I would have accepted removal of my leg with a chainsaw; the pain was that bad.

That ‘unqualified’ retired hospital orderly told me to “stop smoking and the pain will be gone in one day”.

After months of what was an increasingly agonising self-inflicted torture, I was pain-free in a day and a half.

I did not undergo vascular surgery.

Overall, I was slow in choosing good health over bad but now that I have it, I’m keeping it.

Two minutes

Reporting News

I was looking up stuff I’d been directed towards regarding the DuPont corporation. On how they conspired to bring about the criminalising of a plant, a real fibre source and the only natural competitor to their second-rate synthetic fibres.

Getting sidetracked while browsing is something I try to avoid but I’d never heard of George Seldes. He lived to be one hundred and four. He died in 1995.

Perhaps I was busy then or I just wasn’t ready to get interested. In any case I’m looking forward to reading two books, his ‘One thousand Americans’ and a bio; ‘Witness to a Century’.

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While some States in the US have opted to allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes, the Federal Authorities remain impervious and continue to harass and prosecute within those States with the full backing of the Corporate Muppet.

I have read about how Corporate America buys elections. Chomsky also stated this;

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state”.

Hearst; a prize scumbag, with DuPont’s unadulterated backing, carried out a propaganda program during the first half of the twentieth century which succeeded in destroying the world hemp industry. The effect of that history has resulted in the premature deaths of countless millions of people. That effect continues to this day.

Eventually the right thing will be done and it will be cigarette manufacturers who will be put out of business, but first America will have to take back control from their Corporate overlords. I expect it may well be the Chinese who will probably light the spark to start that happening. They do think differently.

I salute Judge Reichbach in making public the facts surrounding his own circumstances. In his admission to the NY Times he said;

“This is not a law-and-order issue; it is a medical and a human rights issue”.

Even though his ‘crime’ can be classified as a ‘first offence’, the Feds can take his job, his status and his character. They can have him incarcerated; if they wish.

I’m just wondering what the Corporate dealers will order done to the Judge to shore up their legal dam. He has after all provided the pro-camp with the one thing which alone could cause the entire legal house of cards to crumble.

As an insider, he seems not to fear retribution; but I could be wrong about that.

The  Judge


Rope Dancing

reward offer and a claim from the Hemperor!

It’s a sham and an idiocy that the world remains tied into waging a war with a plant.

An idiocy more akin to the likes of the Emperor in Swift’s land of Lilliput who appointed officials according to their skills in rope dancing. How is it that a modern so-called educated society can take as ludicrous and ridiculous a route as that?

Are we so governed – by rope dancers?

The drug war, an insanity, continues.

And of insanity, Einstein defined it thus; “It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

From CBS – a finding

Branson – a comment

From Oregonpower of the organised ballot

European Fiscal Compact (Treaty) 2012

Up on the back of a bus; an advertisement promoting the referendum on ‘The European Fiscal Treaty’

On first sighting the convoluted-styled word hyperbole suggests ‘hyper-bowl’ in pronunciation, but is instead the more eloquent sounding ‘hi-pur-ba-lee’.

I was amused by its far from eloquent meaning.

Then a few weeks back this innocuously titled ‘Fiscal (Compact) Treaty’ is suddenly, raucously and brazenly slapped-up – for our consideration. I have considered it and I can only conclude that it is a typical case of government bamboozling with lashings of hyperbole.

Government  revenue not withstanding, (an entirely separate issue) this really is all about giving over to bankers all control over tax payers cash. Quite literally; the banking world’s greatest ever Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are a wholly criminal thing and all criminal schemes and endeavours depend for their success on unsuspecting fools.

I will not be endorsing this Ponzi scheme, no matter what gloss; or threats, it is packaged with.

Pigheaded Fools

He sought to end murder by refractory, obstinate, wilful and contrary opinion – it killed him.

We live today in a similar position.

Countless thousands have benefitted from his simple discovery and I concur with the opinion from Canada below on the comparison.

I support the campaign to legalise the drugs, especially cannabinoids, and I too support genuine efforts to change the perverse laws that are causing deaths through those self-same rowco standards; the Semmelweiss effect.

Imagine there was a documented cure for fucking cancer and you get put in jail for talking about it; can you imagine such a thing?

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