The Heterodox -v- The Entrenched

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This morning Jesus put a smile on my face. Getting to sleep last night I was not content as I had failed to get a message across following a query from a true heterodox. I didn’t know I was dealing with a heterodox because I’d never heard of the word before today. I was accused of being entrenched! (in my beliefs)

This morning I was smiling because it has now been publicly acknowledged that I am a true follower of Jesus and of His Gospel. No other  compliment carries such a force.

A visitor to this blog, following a gentle exchange, had suggested I am entrenched.

I am grateful entirely that my stance with Jesus and His blessed Mother is acknowledged in this manner.

Thank you, truly it means a lot.

The Vortex explains for me (and you)



Should is a Do-Nothing Word


Pope Francis is dithering.

Where decisive action is called for, the ditherer will seek to deflect. Where the command ‘never permit’ needs to be put, ‘should not”, commands nothing. Where ‘on no account whatsoever’,  is needed, ‘should not’ fails utterly. Where ‘under no circumstances’, is called for; ‘should not’, fails absolutely.

Where; anathema needs voicing, tell it because it is already enshrined in the command from sacred scripture. In suggesting homosexual priests be celibate and try not to scandalise the rest of us, he seeks to deceive again. Since the bishops in America were silenced the expectation world-wide was that a decisive action from the Roman was surely imminent. But instead of following the gospel of Jesus, he has chosen instead to dither with the wholly meaningless word ;should’.

Pope Francis says of affection between homosexual priests; 

“That’s a mistake,” Francis warned. “It’s not just an expression of an affection. In consecrated and priestly life, there’s no room for that kind of affection. Therefore, the Church recommends that people with that kind of ingrained tendency should not be accepted into the ministry or consecrated life. The ministry or the consecrated life is not his place.”

Sacred Scripture is clear, unlike our Pope and he needs serious prayer from us to help him wake up.

Pope Francis

Ratzinger 1986


Vatican: Apostasy Truly Has Begun


The Marian Movement of Priests, a quiet and prayerful group may soon begin as instructed given the shameful acts emanating from right at the very top within the Vatican. At least, I really do hope so.

Cardinals, Archbishops, bishops, priests and even the Pope himself are displaying just what Our blessed Lady warned the movement to soon expect. The warning; amongst many warnings  given to Her priests through the (now deceased) Fr.Gobbi – on January 17th, 1974. She stated;

“The time is near when some of my priest-sons, tricked and seduced by Satan, will come ‘out’ in the open and set themselves against my Son, against me, against the Church and the Gospel.”  (my emphasis as She used distinctly different wording first line next paragraph which I like to believe is telling)

“Then the cohort of my Priests, prepared and led by Me, are to come forth into the open to proclaim with courage and before everyone the Divinity of my Son, the reality of all my privileges, the necessity of the hierarchical Church united to, and under the leadership of, the Pope, and all the truths contained in the gospel!”

“Many Priests, uncertain and, as it were, overwhelmed by the tempest, will follow your example and return along the road of salvation. For the present, prepare yourself with Me during this time of waiting”.

“Let your gatherings be true Cenacles of life with Me, of prayer, of brotherhood, and of waiting . . .”

Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia began it all in earnest and that has turned many to rejecting the church in a dire folly. She told us very clearly – “pray for the Pope”.

In other words, God’s alone is the Judgement – not ours; ever.

We are about to witness the most appalling sinfulness receiving full endorsement by Rome and that’s just an observation based on what has been happening in the Church these last few years. Pray the rosary, the only functioning weapon we plebs can use now, just as She foretold; at Fatima, at Akita, at Guadalupe, etc., etc., etc., . . .

Islam For Infidels

Muslims are gaining ground stealthily all over Europe. Here in Ireland we have a growing population of muslims and they are beginning to make their presence noticeable.

In Ireland most citizens are unaware that muslims are not peaceful; at all. That muslims of peace are simply not good muslims. A good muslim fears the will of Allah and such a one  will inevitably give the infidels the choice;

1: Convert.

2: Consent to being a slave.

3: Leave your country with only the clothes on your back.

And when they’re really really good, they will decapitate.

Steve Ray at Stubenvile



The End, Begins . . .

1Peter5 is a blog that tells it as it sees it and since his strange election 1P5 tells us Pope Francis has brought about  a clear program of change, so much so many have expected the strange and the different and now too, that misdirection – which Jesus Himself hinted at, is begun.

He remains our Pope still so lets not panic. St.Pio says; “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”. The future will be as God has already told us, so observe and hold fire, guessing is not required for those who have been paying attention.

Many end-times signs are already visible, as those she gives here. And the strange Scott Clarke star charts. Scottie is not catholic so does not believe the power of God stretches to creating the Virgin Birth, but he does know the stars in relation to biblical tellings.

I do believe the Image given us at Knock is also a warning that time is absolutely not our friend; certainly not here in Ireland where laws that spit in the face of God are becoming the norm, and Revelation 12.10 which I believe the Image indicates, gives us a little sight of one thing we are told Satan has been doing all this time.

But this Mass Destruction says quite a lot to cause us worry but, 1Peter5 did put forward this Apology for posting such an unwarranted tirade!


What Sin Is

Sin is ignored by many as a nonsense. I expect because it’s far far easier to live a life given over to sin than to have to acknowledge its powerful hold over us. Jesus warned us in the Garden that we have to; “watch and pray to overcome temptation”.

That definition makes sense but I noticed that he says Satan and Lucifer are one and the same. This has me confused as recently I learnt from recordings of Malachi Martin – the now deceased former jesuit and exorcist, that Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities.

More study required on that point . . .


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