An Every Monday Prayer


Prayers to the Blessed Virgin for Every Monday

MOST holy Mary, Queen of heaven, I who was once the slave of the Evil One now dedicate myself to thy service forever; and I offer myself to honour and to serve thee as long as I live. 

Accept me for thy servant, and cast me not away from thee, as I deserve. In thee, O my Mother, I place all my hope. All blessing and thanksgiving be to God, who in His mercy gave me this trust in thee.

True it is, that in time past I have fallen miserably into sin; but by the merits of Jesus Christ, and by thy prayers, I hope that God has pardoned me. But this is not enough, my Mother. 

One thought distresses me; it is that I may yet lose the grace of God. Danger is ever near; the devil sleeps not; fresh temptations assail me. Protect me, then, my Queen; help me against the assaults of my spiritual enemy. Never let me sin again, or offend Jesus thy Son. 

Let me not by sin lose my soul, Heaven, and my God. This one grace, Mary, I ask of thee; this is my desire, this may your prayers obtain for me. 

Such is my hope. Amen.

(3 Hail Marys in reparation for blasphemies against the Blessed Virgin Mary)


Lucifer is Real


Former jesuit Malachi Martin died following an exorcism back in 1999. A few years before he went, he gave several radio interviews, all concerning the catholic church and the apostasy within. He also wrote many books on the subject. Back then some assumed he was just making it all up – he wasn’t. The catholic church ignored him publicly; hoping he’d go away and quietly die somewhere.

Well he is gone but luckily his recorded voice is not.

In the recording he corrects my assumption that Lucifer and Satan are one. As an exorcist he learnt they are two separate entities working together in hate to destroy us and the church.

Looking at the Vatican today in light of Martin’s assertions, it is clear now that he was no alarmist and certainly not a liar as some claimed, some still do but there will always be dimwits.

Make time for this hour & half with Malachi Martin


God Has Spoken – Again

Encourage souls to say the chaplet
(Jesus Speaks to St. Faustina)
“Encourage souls to say the chaplet which I have given to you. It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet. When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death will be a happy one”.
(Diary No. 1541)
(or perhaps you are another one of them that knows there is no God? Like, the ‘give-me-the-evidence’ bullshit? Well?)
p.p.s. praying the chaplet takes ten minutes

Pope Francis Cedes The Chair

Papal cross in phoenix park, dublin, ireland


Pope Francis has done the unthinkable. He has ceded the Chair of Peter to the communist government in China – here & here

And he has also introduced what is a heresy with  Instrumentum Laboris (IL) Relativism is a proven heresy and his IL effectively promotes that.

I begin to understand better now why at both Fatima and Akita, Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God instructed that we pray for the Pope. It is clearly even more imperative now that we not ignore that instruction as we are truly at a point of no return in the Church.

I think that when the Boston Cardinal, the evil satanist Bernardin back in 1977 succeeded though subterfuge in having communion  in the hand accepted in America, he opened the flood gates to many heretical possibilities. Pope Francis has fallen right in to the cesspool opened through Satan’s lackeys back then. Satan is obviously deeply embedded now within the Vatican, his favourite place in all the world.


Warnings Come First, then . . .

Fine Tuned Edit (1 of 1)

Image of Warning presented at Knock 2016

Akita, originally accepted as reliable and supernatural by the Niigata, Japan Bishop of Akita and, eventually affirmed privately by Pope Emeritus BenedictXVI when he was still just a Cardinal, still has no written or documented record of approval. Given that Our Blessed Lady told us at Akita that Akita and Fatima carry the same message it would seem a straight forward matter to those in authority but, at Akita the Queen of Heaven added something new as, at the time of Her appearance at Fatima it was a thing simply not done and the current hierarchy do not want to accept this and so do not acknowledge it; my personal opinion on that, Our Blessed Lady of Akita told Sister Sasagawa to “receive Holy Communion only on the tongue, never in the hand”.

Receiving in the hand is just one of the myriad errors brought in after the second Vatican Council. That Council which had as ‘observers’ high ranking Protestant church-men who actually guided matters and the same thinking that influenced V2 has now granted the Chinese communists authority to select catholic bishops for the catholic faithful in that country. I see this development as an evil entirely. I expect Heaven won’t wait much longer to intervene. It will not be pleasant.

Akita & Fatima

Concerning The Rosary


From the Marian Movement of priests this prayer comes. It is for those who wish to pray for their children. Our Blessed lady gave this prayer to be included with every Rosary and importantly, with the Marian Movement, the rosary needs to be prayed every day. Just begin, you’ll find it easy to follow through.

“With this rosary I bind all my children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

Purgatory Tales


These days many refuse to even consider praying for the dead. None of those people will be reading this blog post so I can only imagine the troubles they are facing into. Hell being the absolute worse possibility 

St.Faustina was very attuned to such a need and her Divine Mercy chaplet is specifically for those dying without spiritual succour; a hugely necessary thing.

The link below has Fr. Dan in his well practiced way of getting the message across.

Fr. Dan Cambra


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