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Torah: Written & Oral


By Roylindman – Template:Roy Lindman, CC BY-SA 3.0,

New information from the blogger HamrickCE, as ever he pulls no punches.

And, I never knew the Jewish religion had both a Written and an Oral Torah, It clarifies quite a bit just understanding that tiny bit of info.

Listen to what he tells us, 25 minutes or so.

Latest from HamrikCE


Abortion Cure


Portugal’s history since Fatima shows clearly what Ireland needs to have done right now to prevent the evil of abortion being certified in law. And like the homosexual marriage lunacy already certified in law; telling God to go piss off, we can expect only God’s wrath which will be felt by everyone regardless of which side was followed.

Consecration to our Blessed Lady – history


Light & God


HamrickCE explains light in a manner I have never heard put before. It is quite the eye opener. He is not catholic, I am but, his knowledge of matters biblical is streets ahead of mine; I never studied bible.

After some incredible interventions in my life I am now paying attention to what is to be found written in the bible. I require guidance and I am finding this is as good a place as any. It is a forty five minute talk but, one worth listening to.


This Is My Body . . .


Pope Francis appears committed to unifying the churches, to gather all under one umbrella. He’s seeks to do this by dropping one absolutely vital thing – conversion.

The nonsense dance continues unabated however as the Germans have clearly displayed. They take the tiny word ‘IS’ and call it instead; maybe. This effectively is where they are at. These bishops are true non-believers, exactly like the pagans they see to accommodate. I fail to see them any other way.

Fairytales are made of this . . .



Evolution is still being put as a science and its proponents more than ever, superb at foisting the pseudo on non thinking lesser beings for they are of the variety Supermen, and they know it!

Link below to the factual.