The End, Begins . . .

1Peter5 is a blog that tells it as it sees it and since his strange election 1P5 tells us Pope Francis has brought about  a clear program of change, so much so many have expected the strange and the different and now too, that misdirection – which Jesus Himself hinted at, is begun.

He remains our Pope still so lets not panic. St.Pio says; “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”. The future will be as God has already told us, so observe and hold fire, guessing is not required for those who have been paying attention.

Many end-times signs are already visible, as those she gives here. And the strange Scott Clarke star charts. Scottie is not catholic so does not believe the power of God stretches to creating the Virgin Birth, but he does know the stars in relation to biblical tellings.

I do believe the Image given us at Knock is also a warning that time is absolutely not our friend; certainly not here in Ireland where laws that spit in the face of God are becoming the norm, and Revelation 12.10 which I believe the Image indicates, gives us a little sight of one thing we are told Satan has been doing all this time.

But this Mass Destruction says quite a lot to cause us worry but, 1Peter5 did put forward this Apology for posting such an unwarranted tirade!


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