Lucifer is Real


Former jesuit Malachi Martin died following an exorcism back in 1999. A few years before he went, he gave several radio interviews, all concerning the catholic church and the apostasy within. He also wrote many books on the subject. Back then some assumed he was just making it all up – he wasn’t. The catholic church ignored him publicly; hoping he’d go away and quietly die somewhere.

Well he is gone but luckily his recorded voice is not.

In the recording he corrects my assumption that Lucifer and Satan are one. As an exorcist he learnt they are two separate entities working together in hate to destroy us and the church.

Looking at the Vatican today in light of Martin’s assertions, it is clear now that he was no alarmist and certainly not a liar as some claimed, some still do but there will always be dimwits.

Make time for this hour & half with Malachi Martin


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