The Virgin of Revelation – Tre Fontana


Our Lady of Revelation appeared in Rome many times and did what She has done consistently since before and after Her Assumption into heaven.

In the link below (one hour), several of Her messages are told us and we hear about some miracles. It is a telling of the lack of faith evident in catholic priests and we are told of the signs and warnings by which we can easily identify and know to when these warnings refer – that time is now and it has been in train for several years.

Shortly we will witness that which we absolutely do not want to be around for and probably also, may soon wish we were on another planet.

I fear the Image presented to us in the sky at Knock August 15th 2016 also presages an impending doom, but specifically for Ireland and I believe we have very little time to truly repent and convert. We Irish have foolishly legalised homosexual marriage and are racing further down the road to perdition by the real intent now to legalise abortion.

Also occurring is the wrenching of church from state which the liberal left has been striving to achieve for many years. We saw it begin here in Limerick city with the opening of the first educate together school in the old Red Cross building back in the very early ’80s. Labour party’s Jan O’Sullivan was most active in that effort as were the local Bahia followers.

Venerable Pope Paul VI was correct when he predicted the guaranteed outcome of legalising the contraceptive pill.

But, who gives a shyte about that shyte, right?

Settle, and Pay heed to every word of this

Background to the three fountains apparition history 


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