July 27: Blood-moon

Blood Moon September 2015 (4 of 4)

Blood moon – September 2015

Scottie really is quite the expert and a good man. He concerns himself with matters in biblical prophecy. The link below contains his latest updated information on such.

I state here that I do not accept the theory of the Rapture on which he has done much research but, it is interesting. The link below doesn’t go into the Rapture so much, it’s his new information release on the Return of the Son of Man.

He is clear here that this coming blood-moon – July 27th, is not anything to do with the end-times prophecies. Nothing whatsoever. And he is correct.

For any who don’t know, the Rapture is strictly a Protestant theory; Catholic it is definitely not. I am catholic; very much so.

He is correct in stating that the Bible books are not chronological. I see entering the open Bible akin to entering a sphere where you stand dead centre and from there you can see all the books revealed all around you, above you and below you. Imagination helps.

It is a living source of all information given us by God and it is there for any who believe and pray every day as instructed by His Immaculate Mother also our Divine Mother. It is only by our prayers and especially by our actions for others does God reveal what He wants us to know.

I can attest to this truth having been brought up in Spirit and while baffled as to why at the time, I am no longer baffled by it. Scottie interests me though as he is always interesting when speaking on biblical matters.

Here’s Scott Clarke’s Latest

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