Charity – The Whole of Scripture

“True charity is the soul of the whole of Scripture, the strength of prophecy, the structure of knowledge, the fruit of faith, the wealth of the poor, the life of the dying. So keep it faithfully; cherish it – (see commentary link left side of that page) with all your heart and all the strength of your soul” –

Wholly opposite to that is the demon of Medjugorje who appears daily at set times has stated clearly that: ‘charity cannot replace fasting’ – July 21st 1982.

This assertion is wholly and entirely false. The clever demon faking it and pretending to be the Mother of God is lying. It regularly insists that we must fast on bread and water, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays – August 14th 1984 with constant repeats.

Many followers of that deceptive demon fast constantly. Many do ten-day stretches, time after time. By doing so, they simply cannot be concerned for others as their time is consumed with fasting for God!

Jesus is quoted from time to time, particularly where He told the disciples that the demon they failed to cast out could only be cast out with prayer combined with fasting.

The demon of Medjugorje has used that incident many times to deflect people from the fact that they are not priests and cannot perform exorcisms which was the matter at hand for the disciples. Clever deceptions always mix the lie with truths and the Medjugorje demon has been quite adept at this.

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