Thieves & Scam Artists



In these days of recession and depression and, for many; dire need, the mind altering scam artists will pop up.

I found one this morning when I clicked on an advert that sat right on top of the page. It’s a page I visit from time to time.

I looked and I was tempted. More than four thousand a week!

It is money for nothing. I accept money for nothing.

But that’s me all out, I am prepared to accept such realities, (for just a moment) why not, money for nothing right?

Except I just haven’t been given any, ever.

Please be careful and do not give to such scams your private and personal information.

Your information will be sold and used without your permission and you will have a hell of a time just trying to get your life back to normal afterwards.

Google the damn thing then move on.

A Blogger’s well researched online scam info



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