To fall in love is a life changer.

As experiences go, nothing compares. It’s probably what we are for.

I’m no expert mind you, but I have been in love and I am familiar with its gift and I assume you are too.

But I am still numbed by this story and clueless to what to make of it all but I am slowly becoming enraged at the political machinations appearing in what is a wholly despicable and deplorable happening.

Politicians in both countries are showing themselves clueless (the natural state of all politicians) while they continue to seek photo opportunities and to spout their shite saying nothing of import and doing even less.

They muddy the affair and doubtless give great hope to the murderer that justice can not now be done.

Mauritius is a beautiful place.

Mauritians are a gentle people.


Cork Examiner today

Department Foreign Affairs on Mauritius

Criminal standards


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One Comment on “Mauritius”

  1. Alex Khoo
    July 17, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    Simply so beautiful! I just love the water!!!

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