Apple’s Little iScam

Following several expensive and pointless ‘repairs’ over several months I had given up on my local CompuB technical support team ever getting to grips with a kernel panic on a Macbook.
I concluded that CompuB’s techies in Ireland were less than adequate and that maybe those at an Apple shop would have the necessary expertise.
I was not dissuaded from that viewpoint during a telephone conversation with one of Apple’s own.

I travelled to their shop in Liverpool (Ireland doesn’t have an Apple shop).
They deleted everything and gave me back a bare-bones machine.
I took the ‘fixed’ machine home and found the kernel panics still present.
I had told ‘my’ techie that CompuB had tried the ‘delete and reinstall’ route and that it did not fix anything . . .
I had suggested the graphics card be checked but they weren’t listening . . .
Since returning from Liverpool, my Macbook has already had several kernel panic attacks.

What I can report now is that Apple’s support techies are clueless.

CompuB I now assume do only as Apple instruct and I believe that Apple’s ‘technical support system’ is nothing less than a scam.
I dumped the cheaper ‘Windows’ platform some years back partly because most fixes were ‘plug it out and plug it back in again’. Nothing very technical or solution strong about that approach and far too many fuck-ups.
Apple put out that theirs is a more stable platform. I believed them.
In my experience however it isn’t stable at all.
Quite the opposite.


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