European Fiscal Compact (Treaty) 2012

Up on the back of a bus; an advertisement promoting the referendum on ‘The European Fiscal Treaty’

On first sighting the convoluted-styled word hyperbole suggests ‘hyper-bowl’ in pronunciation, but is instead the more eloquent sounding ‘hi-pur-ba-lee’.

I was amused by its far from eloquent meaning.

Then a few weeks back this innocuously titled ‘Fiscal (Compact) Treaty’ is suddenly, raucously and brazenly slapped-up – for our consideration. I have considered it and I can only conclude that it is a typical case of government bamboozling with lashings of hyperbole.

Government  revenue not withstanding, (an entirely separate issue) this really is all about giving over to bankers all control over tax payers cash. Quite literally; the banking world’s greatest ever Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are a wholly criminal thing and all criminal schemes and endeavours depend for their success on unsuspecting fools.

I will not be endorsing this Ponzi scheme, no matter what gloss; or threats, it is packaged with.


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