The Monied Devil & the Obscured Details

(Rothschild – Red Shield)

I fail utterly to view the Rothschilds as a family. I see them as a gang, a bunch of low-life criminals and with an omnipotent power to do harm.

It was while following up links in the aspartame and fluoride conspiracies that I gained an insight to this secretive gang of megalomaniac scumbags.

I’ve barely skimmed the surface; information-wise, on the harm they have sponsored, not least in ensuring marijuana was first made illegal to where today so many countries have determined it a class A illegal drug – I have a lot to catch up on.

Cannabinoids you see, have been shown to eliminate cancers while Medical associations worldwide remain silent. Not funny.

Wealth gathering is the Rothschild gang’s forte and that wealth is their weapon of choice. It allows them carte blanche in their pursuit of world domination while also ensuring their anonymity through control of governments, professional associations, the press and the media generally.

It was while searching elsewhere that I discovered that the nineteenth century notion; that pseudoscience they called; eugenics – (the Nazi Mengele’s experiments just one example of what eugenics is about), did not end then, but is still an active pseudoscience with indirect and unlimited funding and direction reaching back to the Rothschild gang. Eugenics, I was surprised to learn, has its origins in the US, particularly in California and the Rothschild scum were involved right from the off. And I thought it was strictly a Nazi invention, part and parcel of their final solution.

Ignorance is bliss they say – well it isn’t. It’s fucking dangerous and where the Rothschild gang are concerned; lethally so. Eugenics today; a pseudoscience, is called Human Genetics; also a pseudoscience, but better presented. And I found out just today that the American Medical Association will, with Federal Government sanction, begin a program in American schools to ‘drug test’ children without their parents’ knowledge.

I’m thinking DNA gathering as part of an ongoing program in their ‘Human Genetics’ agenda. They’ve done this before but this method is simpler as children are compliant mostly and it shows just how far-reaching and invasive eugenics has become with the insidious Rothschild gang calling the shots.

Are you familiar with Aspartame?

What do you know about Fluoride?

I had wondered where Alzheimer’s came from. Did you ever wonder that or have you assumed it was always with us?

What part of the human brain is it that fails? And what part of the human brain does fluoride lodge in? Fluoride cannot unfortunately be removed from the brain. Along with the water you drink, you also have fluoride in all your shop-bought toothpaste.

The lethal Rothschild gang are possessed of stupendous levels of wealth. They are worth far more than most countries, including the USA. I am now wondering to what extent the Rothschild gang have influenced the current Euro disaster – given their absolute control over world banking I can only surmise that theirs is a not insignificant and controlling part.

It is frightening to discover that vaccination programs are manipulated by the Rothschild sponsored corporations and governments and supported by powerful, compromised, vested interest groups; specifically – the American Medical Association – along with others around the world including here in Ireland and in Britain. Mainland Europe so far does not have a fluoridation water program; neither does Long Island in the US.

Youtube 56mins a bit of a long one so you’d need time for this.

For those with less time to sparehere’s a short focusing more on the Rothschild gang’s money machinations. There are quite a few gaps in  this video; from 10.00mins to 20.00mins is blank so slide the cursor forward as it continues after the 20.00mins point with a few shorter gaps towards the end. About 20.00mins in total is still viewable and I do not know why there are those gaps. But what there is of it is informative.

Google provides many links to the Rothschild gang. Not easy to work out which are genuine and which are lies merely mixed with truth (the better form of deception). Do your best if you’ve still a mind to, but do inform yourself.

p.s. one direct effect of fluoride contamination in the human brain; a dulling in desire to inquisitiveness and a hankering towards lethargic compliance. Probably accounts for why so many can spend their lives consistently sitting placidly in front of TV screens watching nothing of import to anyone.

Deep Shit – or, a tale of the Federal Reserve Corporation – a criminal empire


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  2. phillipthackett
    October 8, 2014 at 10:02 am #

    Take the child out of Rothschild and whats left, ?? something rotten!!

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