Lotto Millions up for Grabs!

The Irish Government are going to throw away thousands of millions of euro.(seems they believe that’s why they were elected???)

We the idiots stand to lose again.

I expect running the lotto themselves is a non-starter even though as a collective they’re doing nothing else.

They “may have given the wrong impression” (Minister Varadker) when they said that billions of euro of taxpayer’s cash would not be paid out to bankers and gamblers.

  • They lied.
  • They got elected.
  • The bankers and gamblers are rolling in it.

Their blowing hot air still does not equate with producing something.

They talk busy; helps us idiots believe they’re producing.

And Minister Howlin knows – what?

There’ll be ‘external consultants’ of course; ring any bells for you?

And elephants can still fly in Ireland.

All that emanates from Dáil Éireann these days is surely rotten.

I won’t start yet on what that clueless idiot; Minister Sherlock is about to get rid of but he can fuck us over, more than anyone else right now; all on his ownio too.


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