Iccky’s Bare Arse Gets Him Exiled

2006 brought a dark day for ‘Daedalus’; the beautiful bronze known locally as ‘Iccky’ and which I now believe was put out to grass by a homophobic mindset.

How do I know?

I don’t – but what other possible explanation can there be that stands up to scrutiny?

Just one look at ‘Iccky’ and all the waffling and lying fell away right then and there and out stood all the bullshit; about as bare and as brazen as ‘Iccky’s’ beautiful bare bronze arse.

I’ve looked at the stupidity and the idiocy of it. Pondered it, tried convincing myself by arguing this way and that, but what got me interested in the first place, and got me thinking like that biblical fecker;Thomas – was the ridiculousness of the excuse that ‘Iccky’ had been removed (nefariously so) for cleaning purposes.(now it is also reported they moved it to put up a christmas tree – more bullshit!)

The people of Ennis really took to this guy, and it isn’t hard to understand why. ‘Iccky’ was just the thing to liven up the drab old market square.

And as if to copperfasten their relationship with the newly gifted art work, they called their statue ‘Icarus’ but very quickly ‘he’ became known by the familiar; ‘Iccky’ – he was one of their own.

Then one fine morning; all of six years ago, it was as if ‘Iccky’ had simply flown away while the town slept!

In truth, Ennis had been caught unawares when ‘Iccky’ was stolen removed from his busy town centre location in market square. The council’s excuse at the time; and they’re sticking to that excuse, kind of – they were only taking it away “for cleaning”.

But the council I believe, lied, and they continue to lie about why they removed ‘Iccky’.

‘Corrupt’ is the word I believe that is accepted throughout all of this island to describe the standard modus operandi of Ireland’s town and county councils and it surprises me not at all that they can resort to lying in Clare too.

But what are they covering up for and who began all this cover-up?

Fianna Fáil? Fine Gael? Labour?

It has to be one of them; or all, or a combination of, as they have been the power holders throughout this island’s thoroughly corrupt recent political history.

I’m no great judge of a good arse; though I have seen some horrible ones, but I believe it is quite probable that a person of wealth and power in Ennis, or in its environs, decided that this bare bronze arse should not have been on view in market square where its presence could possibly be a temptation to the young and innocent causing the possible development and harbouring of; sinful despicable thoughts. And they used that powerful influence to get their way through monetary manipulation of the council.

Unadulterated homophobia in action.

Poor aul’ ‘Iccky’, doomed forever now to stand alone and unappreciated on the shitty Rocky Road roundabout.

Unless of course the people of Clare can get the fuckwits in the council to put him back in his rightful place.

The artist did a fine job; he made an arse for all to admire!

You should see the heap of shite the fuckwits in the council have put up in market square in ‘Iccky’s’ stead;

It’s a 3-piece thing; a cow, a man and a man with a dog.

Fine pieces of stone no doubt, but absolutely not a patch on ‘Iccky’ and not a sign of a good arse between the lot of them.

I’ve tried software manipulation in an effort to get it to look good, but I failed.

 A slanted tale, perhaps – perfect stage my bollix!

Extract from published minutes of council business from a councillor Meany’s website – no clue who he is but he does put himself forward as being well-connected in many areas; this from 2007, just a year after the removal;

November 07 Local area Motions 7. Notice of Motion submitted by Cllr. B. Meaney:- “I request that the Sculpture of “Icarus” be placed as a distinctive landmark on one of the new Roundabouts in the Ennis Area.” Mr. Tom Tiernan, Town Engineer, replied as follows: The matter of a new site for Icarus is at present being considered by Ennis Town Councillors.

 And that was that, least all I could find from that time. All very, very quickly done too. Not a single dissenting voice to that motion recorded or reported. Not even one asking “but is it cleaned yet?”; not one. How very strange.

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