Fanore hold back Paddy’s Day for Paddy’s Day

 Local parade participants in the Paddy’s Day parade in Fanore; they’re happy out.

From Hot Springs, Arkansas, I received this link to the world’s shortest Paddy’s Day parade. It spurred me on to realising that perhaps I should put something up to mark the occasion.

The parade reported on in that link is, I think, a little bigger than claimed. Although, I’m told the street where the parade takes place is a very short street; businesses not overly put out; I’d guess.

“It runs down Bridge St. – supposedly the shortest street in the world at 98-feet (about 30 meters) – and this is the official parade-route”

For myself, I am inclined to favour the more obscure and off-beat on this day and in Ireland we seem to have an abundance of the obscure and the off-beat.

Or maybe I’m just odd.

All gather near the beach in Fanore where participants assemble before the Parade sets out

St.Patrick himself will join the parade in this lovely jaunting cart.

A terrific day for the children.

A tall order for the visitors in green

Liz’s name in lights! Clever mom.

Not one bit sheepish – no snakes, you see.

I have no idea what this is.

Even in Fanore, the opportunity to part people from their cash will occur and where better than in the only pub in the village? First prize in this raffle; a real live donkey.


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