Buying New Cars In Ireland!

Red upholstery anyone?

Ever tried buying a new car?

In Ireland?

Ever get pissed off at the main dealers where they like to tell you about the beautiful silver model they have, all primed and ready, right there in the show room?

Ever get to the point where you’re about to shout; “forget the goddamned silver one, I’m looking for real colours today – OK?

Ever have that experience?

I have.

What is it with European car makers that nine out of ten cars must be silver?

What is it has them thinking that painting adventurously means using only shades of shit-grey?

What the bloody hell is that about?

I know that the French themselves abhor cars painted red and so most of their cars are either silver, black or any shade of grey.

Feck, is it possibly from the French this shite-colour-mandate originates?

And, now that I think of it, them pedantic Germans too like their cars rolled out in shite colours.


That cute-German-hoor Angela and her slick-French side-kick; Sarkozy, have the car market in their control! They not only have the say in how much I can keep in my own pocket – they also now control the colour of any new car I might want to buy with what’s left . . .

Damn, how come I never spotted this before?

It was bad enough that I wanted something other than silver, but when I said I wanted red upholstery; well that really brought on the conniptions.

Jesus-god-almighty, you’d think I was asking for blood.

Perhaps I should consider moving to Canada!

I have some friends there.

And I know a guy can fly a plane.

And the car tax and excise should be a whole lot cheaper too.

Mmmm . . .


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