Day Off?

Nail bars


I wasn’t looking for Jesus.

He just appeared on my link.

And with the endless numbers of opinionated about, it shouldn’t be long before this guy draws them to his Google+ presence?

When you have the day off, is this your thing? Getting your nails done?

It is not mine. But a few years back I dilly-dallied up the west coast of California. A noticeable thing was the number of Nail Bars; seemed like every street corner had one. Female manicurists in either pale blue or white uniforms and, any time I looked; no matter the time of day – they were busy.

Safe to say that many Californians like being mollycoddled and that’s OK with me; how anyone chooses to be mollycoddled is their own affair.

My own preference is to chill out with a fresh coffee, ponder the imponderables and absorb as best I can the power of love and life.

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