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Immaculate Mother Mary


Fr.Altier, set aside in 2006 (read comments here), is still about.

Via the link below read the short homily he gave concerning our Immaculate Mother Mary whom he tells us, can and will teach us how to live sinlessly.

Our Immaculate Mother



Ireland to Sanction the Kill


At Dublin Castle this afternoon people of the YES side gathered to greet and cheer the result of the referendum on the 8th amendment, the loss of which paves the way for the new freedom to kill following the elimination in law of the protection of the infant in the womb.

Only county Donegal in the north, of the twenty six counties, voted not to kill making it the only county to acknowledge that the referendum had nothing whatsoever to do with women’s health care and everything to do with providing abortion on demand which is what will now result.

It is also reported that the new law; yet to be written, ought to be named for Savita Halappanavar whose death from sepsis in pregnancy catapulted the country into voting on a solution to prevent such deaths in future.

Such horrendous deaths are among the toughest to accept but truly the worst motivator to hang a law change on.

In Ireland now will begin the debate on the wording of the law to permit abortion on demand.

Referendum result by numbers

Among the legends of St.Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, was one where the island was covered in the darkness of sin, just a few sparks of God’s light visible. Then, up north, a spark took hold and from there emerged a new light of God that spread throughout the island. But that’s just legend . . .

Ireland Rejects God. Again.

Fine Tuned Edit (1 of 1)

Ireland was the first country in the world to formally do what was once done in Sodom and Gomorrah: accept homosexual partnerships.

Ireland are once again preparing to formally rejected God. We have told Him to leave. The referendum to repeal or not the 8th amendment is a resounding yes to permit abortion in law.

May God help us now.

We have chosen the darkness which is very real. Our blessed Lady of Knock gave us this image that shows him clearly as he is mentioned at Revelation 12.10

St.Pio Statue & Ballot On The 8th

St.Padre Pio Visited

“I Absolve You’  – Timothy Schmalz

On St.Padre Pio’s birthday, a day Ireland voted to repeal or not, the 8th Amendment: the one that made killing infants in the womb illegal in law here in Ireland, a statue of the saint was unveiled and blessed by the bishop at the Dominican’s here in the city. By midday Saturday we’ll have a good idea how the vote is slanted.

Given that with God there are no coincidences, this direct reference to absolution is profound. Will confession be taken up by many or will it be rejected?

I went to view the new art work with Tom the Busker after the crowds had left and he sat  and prayed at the statue and didn’t mind having his photograph taken. All can benefit from its presence.



Social Media is Driven by a Deadly Subversion.



I read about how the social web is very deliberately destroying all we may hold dear. Journalist Peter Brook quotes from New Mexico author Jaron Lanier; “social media is making us sad, mad, isolated and angry, while trashing the economy, breaking the news and stripping humanity of free will” – quite a mouthful and deadly serious.

Older bio from the Guardian newspaper

And, here’s how to delete your facebook account, from the Sunday Times, Sunday 20th May 2018.

‘It’s easy to find the button to “deactivate” your facebook, but you need to know where to look if you want to kill it off completely. Go to the drop-down bar at the top right of any facebook web page and click “Settings”.  Then click “Your facebook information”. At this pint you can “Download your information” – a function that saves all your data (pictures, birthdays, messages) into a zip file on your hard drive. Then click “View” on the delete your account and information section, and on the next page, hit “Delete my account. And you’re free.’




No Coincidences

Of the fourteen Cardinals appointed by Pope Francis, I am interested in Cardinal-designate Antonio dos Santos Marto of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, age 71.

All his years as a priest he did not believe the apparitions at Fatima. He is on record as having said that he understood the apparitions as something for children. He reminds me of me and my stupid notions about the incredible and totally silent apparition at Knock in 1879.

His complacency tells me he has had quite a superior attitude and spent his formative years as a priest – with his head up his ass!

He eventually blinked. He has acknowledged having read the memoirs of sister Lucia – three times, to be sure to be sure to be sure!

His surname Marto is prime. With God there simply are no coincidences. What can heaven have planned for this Cardinal?

St. Padre Pio instructs; pray, hope and don’t worry.

So that’s what I’ll do.

14 new Cardinals


After We Die


Many people don’t know about this stuff. What is said here will polarise and will cause dissent and rejection in many. But we are spirit and we will return to the spirit. And spirit is real; I’ve seen it, I’ve been in spirit and can truly testify to this truth – there is another invisible life awaiting us. We really need to prepare for this, right now!

Sermon on the afterlife



Palestinians attacked a wall yesterday; it was opportune to do so as, at that time, before the whole world, the USA formally recognised Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

Palestinians are surely determined. The sixty souls they had sacrifice their lives for that lunacy will not thank them.

It was an act of war and the Palestinians are getting some hoped for responses. Here’s just one, from my easily-led government;

Ireland to question Israel . . .

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