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Ireland Protects The Corrupt


This report from a blogger,  Martin McMahon; unknown to me personally, gets right in there to where deception hides, the minutiae, the evil collaborations and the massive gaps that are never recorded on paper. The hidden faces, hidden for-profit agendas that activate blatant abuse of the working man.

The bible (in 94 references) will call them as they are; wicked.

Our Taoiseach, (a man who stands against God) who I believe may also be the highest paid Prime Minister in the world presently, was the Minister during some of this criminal behaviour by those wicked individuals (unnamed directly) which apparently, continues.

It’s a long read but if you want to know what corrupt smells like, do read it.

A slice of one tiny piece of the minutiae of theft and abuse


A Pope’s Authority

St Michael Catholic, St. Michael MN

Sermons are often inspired, this sermon is one such.

Protestants don’t hear the content of this type of message; usually. It scuppers so simply every excuse the evil Luther spouted and by which he brought death to so many.

Pope’s & Authority

Words & Meanings & Substitutes

The word hyperbole means ‘exaggerated statement or claims not meant to be taken literally.’

Also commonly used today where the word ‘bullshit’ may offend.

In the link below, Fr.Mike tells us that Jesus sometimes spoke in hyperboles and I believe he is wholly misleading in claiming that.

Jesus spoke often in parables but never in hyperboles. Fr.Mike here says Jesus in explaining the dangers of sin used hyperboles; ‘chop off arm’, ‘pluck out eye’, he puts this as his argument for hyperboles and goes on to say this is why it’s OK to ignore Him when He said; ‘call no man father’, claiming that is hyperbole.

I believe this; in warning us of the dangers of sin Jesus never, ever exaggerated. He warned us quite emphatically so we might more easily understand that sin is the only thing that can kill us.

He spoke of sin and of eternity and not of passing moments.

I say this, when Jesus said ‘call no man father’, He did not speak hyperbole, he spoke directly and plainly.

Maybe Fr.Mike needs more time, I think so.

If he continues on this route it won’t be long before he will be telling us soon that hell isn’t real, it’s just hyperbole, an exaggeration, eternal flames? I wonder what he’ll come up with?

I wonder now if he’s on good terms with the head of the jesuits? The guy who just a few months back stated that the devil was just a symbol . . .

I suggested a solution for him, one I know is reliable.


The Smoke of Satan . . .


This boyo certainly did his dirty work during the Vatican II deception. He went on to display his absolute disregard for God and His Law. I do believe he was a liar from the beginning, feigning loyalty to God and all the while serving Satan. Proving; ‘you cannot serve two masters’.

Judas did likewise and Matthew (I think) simply stated of him that he was; ‘already lost’.

And given the amount of homosexuals and facilitators in the Vatican today, it is safe to state that the Vatican serves not God but, Satan.

Pope Francis has a lot to do.

Doubtless, similar stories of similar evils will soon emerge.

Homosexual Deceiver

Regarding Vatican II

Our blessed Lady at Fatima warned the world of a coming worldwide apostasy.

By its plan to ignore God’s historic response to homosexual marriage (the Flood of Noah, Sodom & Gomorrah) the Vatican is about to formally set aside Her warning.

February 20th is the feast day of the two saints below and while they were taken to heaven very shortly after the secrets and warnings were given to the Vatican, the third visionary, Lucia, lived to age 97. Lucia spent her life locked away in a convent and was silenced by the Vatican in 1970, prohibited from talking publicly about the warning and secrets.

The infamous third secret, in direct defiance of Our blessed Lady’s instruction was not revealed in 1960. The pope, John XXIII declared, ‘it didn’t apply to his time’ and by that I believe that he may have lied.

His successor Paul VI, who will be canonised this year, and who also hid the secret, is rumoured to have been active as a homosexual.


Saints Francisco & Jacinta of Fatima

The link below is to a take on Vatican II which I fully agree with. I still accept that pope Francis is legit as Our blessed Lady has already let me know this. (long story, but true) I don’t like what Francis has in store for us with the changes he is about to bring to the meaning of what a family is, but if God has allowed that His Church is to be corrupted entirely, I do trust that He is still in charge regardless of what the evil-minded cardinals in the Vatican achieve.

Opinion from the Remnant from 2015

Divine Mercy Preparedness


Good Friday, a catholic day of pondering, will be on us soon. Lent has already begun so it is time to get serious.

Jesus gave us the Divine Mercy novena via St.Faustina and so far the catholic church – since the death of St.John Paul II, has shown its disregard by giving it the most careless attention.

Clearly satan really is inside the Vatican, just as we were warned of by our Blessed Lady at Fatima.

How & when to begin & continue

Recent News

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