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Warnings Come First, then . . .

Fine Tuned Edit (1 of 1)

Image of Warning presented at Knock 2016

Akita, originally accepted as reliable and supernatural by the Niigata, Japan Bishop of Akita and, eventually affirmed privately by Pope Emeritus BenedictXVI when he was still just a Cardinal, still has no written or documented record of approval. Given that Our Blessed Lady told us at Akita that Akita and Fatima carry the same message it would seem a straight forward matter to those in authority but, at Akita the Queen of Heaven added something new as, at the time of Her appearance at Fatima it was a thing simply not done and the current hierarchy do not want to accept this and so do not acknowledge it; my personal opinion on that, Our Blessed Lady of Akita told Sister Sasagawa to “receive Holy Communion only on the tongue, never in the hand”.

Receiving in the hand is just one of the myriad errors brought in after the second Vatican Council. That Council which had as ‘observers’ high ranking Protestant church-men who actually guided matters and the same thinking that influenced V2 has now granted the Chinese communists authority to select catholic bishops for the catholic faithful in that country. I see this development as an evil entirely. I expect Heaven won’t wait much longer to intervene. It will not be pleasant.

Akita & Fatima


Concerning The Rosary


From the Marian Movement of priests this prayer comes. It is for those who wish to pray for their children. Our Blessed lady gave this prayer to be included with every Rosary and importantly, with the Marian Movement, the rosary needs to be prayed every day. Just begin, you’ll find it easy to follow through.

“With this rosary I bind all my children to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

Purgatory Tales


These days many refuse to even consider praying for the dead. None of those people will be reading this blog post so I can only imagine the troubles they are facing into. Hell being the absolute worse possibility 

St.Faustina was very attuned to such a need and her Divine Mercy chaplet is specifically for those dying without spiritual succour; a hugely necessary thing.

The link below has Fr. Dan in his well practiced way of getting the message across.

Fr. Dan Cambra





The Diary St.Faustina (link is to entire Diary in PDF) is loaded with words from Jesus and is for our time – this entry on prayer is hugely important.

When I was taken up in spirit (2014) I did not see light but darkness causing my vision to be seriously dimmed making it difficult to see where I was and who it was, was present.

Searching afterwards led me straight to St.Faustina’s depiction of Jesus as depicted in the Image painted in Vilnius at that time (He stands in darkness inviting us in).

I have a tendency now to bypass the image where Jesus is depicted seemingly waving at us rather than the inviting Image she had painted. St Faustina was insistent abut the height of His right hand and that His right hand was below His shoulder.

St.Faustina was bothered by this positioning of His hand and because she was, I am too because I now know why she was bothered by that.

End-Times Approach . . . ?


Get familiar with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and pray it every day as He instructed.

Following the Nuncio’s publication of many despicable (homosexual) norms  within the Church in Rome, here is just one response but a response that needs to be listened to: but with one very very important exception.

Michael Matt suggests that all leave immediately the modernist catholic mass and go instead to the traditional Latin mass churches and by that, to actively leave the Vatican modern to its own sinfulness; alone.

This is a grave error that he promotes. And I do understand his motivation because, I once did exactly that, very soon after my return to the church following many years away – On my return I left the modern mass of the vernacular as I had no time for the irreverence constantly prevalent both at the masses and at all other times. I found it impossible to pray with the amount of chatter going on all the time and so it was a relief to discover the wonderful silence at the only Latin mass church in this city which is of the SSPX congregation, from which came (in the USA mostly, I think!) the FSSP which ‘so far’, is official and is fully acknowledged as part of Rome.

Our Blessed Lady however had other plans for me and She took me from the silent SSPX back to the noise and lunacy of the modern. But She made it abundantly clear that the Latin SSPX is NOT the Church of Her Son and what She did that day left me in no doubt whatsoever. The Image in the Sky at Knock is what She gave me soon after for simply responding to Her call. I thank Her every day for Her intervention and every day I see new subjects within that Image and it reveals more than simply a take on Rev:12.10 – much more.

I see it as a live Image but, that’s just my take on it. Judge for yourself here. Print it off large as you can afford but be sure to use gloss-photo-paper as it reveals much more than matt-finish photo-paper will. Can be expensive though so, shop around, if you live in a country where photography is not under cartel-control.

Remnant TV  telling it as it really is but; with ‘opinions’ which, are different things entirely.



There’s a word you won’t come across every day: Ephebophilia. It is the exact word used by former Nuncio Carlo Maria to describe the reality of the perversion rampant within the catholic church and which Pope Francis has known about long time but, ignored. Ephebophiles are adults seriously sexually attracted to adolescents – and in the church, they hunt in packs! He says this is the problem and it has been a problem within the church for many many years.

So while I can say that my visit to Knock for the visit of Pope Francis did not display the event I was hopeful of, what I did see tells me more about the truth of Carlo Maria’s accusations than any of his documents content.

Here’s the simple truth of what I saw while exiting the shrine compound heading to the farm fields provided as car parks. I walked directly behind a young man who looked to be aged about in his mid-twenties. I noticed him as he walked in front of me because the hair on his head had a touch of bright-green dye over his left ear. Very distinctive even on the miserable misty day that it was. That green-dye touch stood out to me so I observed the young man a little more closely.

Just then another young man, similar age group, wearing a long dark coat, handed the dyed-hair a set of keys which he took and, then both young men kissed briefly on the lips and parted. Long-coat went left, green-dye continued forward. I pondered this lip-kiss as I continued on my way. I didn’t take a photograph of the young man as I had my camera put away safely in my back-pack because of the misty rain that really does no good to any camera.

I wondered if this was what our Blessed Lady had put for me to observe. It seemed so out of place at that location – Ireland’s holiest shrine, really out of sync, but with God there are no coincidences.

So I pondered and,

Then I read this . . .


That the catholic church is in difficulty is not surprising, it has been in trouble many times and this trouble has ever been hovering nearby. Popes have previously warned of permitting homosexuals be ordained and have instructed they never be ordained. Currently the Vatican is actively moving towards having only homosexuals ordained. Twisted world, twisted priesthood?

Here’s a sermon that talks truth and sense. It is from a Traditionalist priest; those Our Blessed Lady took me from in a most tactile manner, but he is worth hearing on this.

From a Traditionalist

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