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Why Plant-Based?

With endless fad diets, workout regimens, and weight-loss supplements being popularized by the media, many of us are left feeling confused and defeated. When one diet fails to help, albeit with wei…

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Intuition, My Granny & Me

Between one thing and everything, I have been keeping myself busy.

Like the bull above who stood and stared, I’ve been doing similar.

And I’ve been all over too. To the North, the South, East and to the West. And I’ve been taking notice of my own leanings and notions.

I began this unsure of where it would lead but with some assumptions.

But what is clear is that I am not committed to this.

So I’m away.

I’m neither rushed nor under pressure but I will get back to blogging when I’m settled in what ever notion ails me.

I’ll leave you with some views from my bumbling about thus far.

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The Pussy Riot Chapter

In court

These musicians and artists are a menace to the cosseted right-wing political, commercial and religious mind-sets.

And the courts have done exactly as instructed.

Power and stupidity remain the best of buddies.

I expect that like the suffragettes who brought their protest to the steps of the White House; in 1917, this protest too will create a whole new perspective for us all.

It’s just a matter of time.

Charity My Bollocks

That old aphorism; “Charity begins at home”, seemed an almost constant refrain in our house. As a young fella, I had absolutely no clue what it meant.

It seemed to me then that there was no need for charity at home because we had a dinner on the table  every day so hoping for charity was plain stupid.

These days I live in the full glare of hindsight.

I no longer contribute as I used to to national and international charities no matter how appalling the advertised circumstances.

I look only at the streets of my own town.

Guy I’ve known a long time but, to whom I no longer would give the time of day, has for years made a living supplementing his not insubstantial income by operating as one of three partners in a local charity company. The charity is legitimate. Their activities are above-board and they meet all tax and legislative requirements. Of every euro collected exactly one cent goes to their charity. When the currency was the Irish Pound, a penny went to the charity. This I gleaned from direct involvement during a very brief sojourn which lasted exactly until I discovered the legally permitted scam element.

Charities that depend on administrators no longer receive my one cent.

When the news emerged of Páraic Casey’s sudden and unexpected death, I figured the administrators of his designated charities would be in for a windfall. In times of stress thinking flies right out the window. Skewed thinking and skewed sentiments.

Those in need know nothing of ‘Social Contribution Awards’; same way my mother wouldn’t have. They know even less how to feed their children with them.

Thieves & Scam Artists



In these days of recession and depression and, for many; dire need, the mind altering scam artists will pop up.

I found one this morning when I clicked on an advert that sat right on top of the page. It’s a page I visit from time to time.

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Non-Whistlers & Suicide

Recently I was very publicly interrupted, and thanked, by an elderly lady as I went about my business on a public street in Galway.

That elderly lady smiled and told me that she hadn’t heard a man whistle in public in so long that she thought she was hearing things.

Since that encounter I have ruminated and pondered and wondered.

A friend put this – the availability (and by definition perhaps, prolific use) of  MP3 players may have had a part to play.

I don’t know, I can but hope that is the reason, otherwise, the distinct lack of whistlers on our streets may be the result of something more sinister.

For instance, could the surge in suicide rates in Ireland be directly connected?

Is the lack of whistlers an indicator of depressed states of mind?

I know I do at times see connections in the strangest of things, so I’m just asking is all.



To fall in love is a life changer.

As experiences go, nothing compares. It’s probably what we are for.

I’m no expert mind you, but I have been in love and I am familiar with its gift and I assume you are too.

But I am still numbed by this story and clueless to what to make of it all but I am slowly becoming enraged at the political machinations appearing in what is a wholly despicable and deplorable happening.

Politicians in both countries are showing themselves clueless (the natural state of all politicians) while they continue to seek photo opportunities and to spout their shite saying nothing of import and doing even less.

They muddy the affair and doubtless give great hope to the murderer that justice can not now be done.

Mauritius is a beautiful place.

Mauritians are a gentle people.


Cork Examiner today

Department Foreign Affairs on Mauritius

Criminal standards

Apple’s Little iScam

Following several expensive and pointless ‘repairs’ over several months I had given up on my local CompuB technical support team ever getting to grips with a kernel panic on a Macbook.
I concluded that CompuB’s techies in Ireland were less than adequate and that maybe those at an Apple shop would have the necessary expertise.
I was not dissuaded from that viewpoint during a telephone conversation with one of Apple’s own.

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